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Recycle Plastic Bottle Caps

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Recycle Your Plastic Caps

How to Recycle Your Plastic Caps

Bottle Cap Recycling

We accept clean plastic bottle caps for recycling.
Plastic can be shipped to our office or dropped-off during regular business hours.

Send Your Caps To:
Caps Can Do
437 Holtzman Ave.
Columbus, OH 43205

We never charge for caps that are dropped off, but we  are not able to pay for shipping.

Types of Clean Plastic Caps Accepted

Recycle Plastic Bottle Caps
Plastic 5 - PP

Our program focuses on recycling #5 (polypropylene) plastic caps. Please rinse or clean caps well enough to remove any remaining product. Our facility does not have a wash line. Please remove foil, foam or paper liners. (Most caps are NOT marked with the #5. We can recycle caps meeting the following criteria):

  • Caps from threaded neck bottles (soda, juice, shampoo, detergent, aspirin, etc.
  • Plastic Jar Lids (peanut butter, pickles, mayo, etc.)
  • Flip caps from tubes, personal care products & food product bottles (condiments)
  • Flexible snap-on lids (butter tub lids, yogurt cup lids, etc.)

Caps NOT Accepted

  • No caps with foil, foam or paper liners (unless liners are removed); glue residue & flexible plastic liners are OK
  • No dirty caps encrusted with food particles or foreign materials
  • No flat, snap on/off lids from milk/water jugs (usually made from #4 LDPE)
  • No metal lids or caps with metal inserts (nothing metal at all)
  • No plastic pumps or sprayers (typically contain metal components)
  • No caps or lids that break when bent (possibly #6 PS or other brittle plastic)

Other #5 Plastic Stuff

We will accept other clean items that are clearly marked with the #5 recycle symbol, including:

  • Yogurt Cups
  • Butter Tubs
  • Certain Tupperware® containers

Other Items We Can Not Accept

  • NO bottles (including pill bottles)
  • NO drinking straws
  • NO Film (like cling-wrap or plastic bags)
  • NO dirty material


Please visit our FAQs page.
If you don’t find the answers you need, please e-mail us:

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