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Recycle Plastic Bottle Caps

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Recycle Your Plastic Caps

Check with your Local Recycler First:

Happily, market demand has encouraged many major recyclers to expand their capabilities to include processing plastic bottles with the caps on! Please check with your local municipal recycling provider to see if “caps on” is available in your area, or visit to find a recycling facility near you.

Weisenbach Recycled Products has reached our capacity for receiving caps for 2013.

Your overwhelmingly enthusiastic reaction to the Weisenbach Cap Collection Program across the country shows your commitment to the environment. We have reached capacity for collecting caps this year—2013. In the meantime here are 3 alternatives.

1. Check with your local Solid Waste Management Authority and/or your the company that picks up your trash.

2. Preserve Products program “Gimme Five” partners with sPlastic 5 - PPelect Whole Foods Stores and other locations. Here is the link to the Preserve web site:


3. Check out this company. As of November 2013, they are accepting caps made of # 5 polypropylene plastic.
 But best to call first before sending them caps!
ACA Waste Services
40 Eads Street
West Babylon, NY 11704
(631) 391-9300


Recycle Plastic Bottle Caps

Please visit our FAQs page.
If you don’t find the answers you need, please e-mail us:

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